Avant Guardians: COOLER THAN TAVI - Paolina from Calur Villade

Paolina from Calur Villade is one of my favorite style bloggers. She's an original style spirit with impeccable magik steezey.
No slavery to labels here, Poalina wears only thrifted items and pieces that she makes. She's into layering, clashing prints, head pieces and face paint, just like somebody else we all know! To say that we are kindred in style would be an accurate description, except she's way cooler than I ever was when I just turned 16. Yeah, she's just a baby!!
Paolina definitely receives Ms. Fitz official stamp of approval. V. Insp.

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Love, Color and Chaos,


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

i love a girl with an amazing fashion identity, and she has a very distinct one. it is not easy to have that when you are 16 years old. love the way how she works with colors and layers and how she pushes herself to the limits. and above all, she is breathtaking

the fashion turd said...

she's mine she's mine!! ....what a talent eh? i think we can expect great things from this little one

Isabel said...

Monst importantly: CANADIAN.

Ms. Fitz said...

TOTALLY Canadian. Canadians are the coolest. I am yet to meet a Canadian I didn't like. AWESOME!

death_sexxx said...

love this girl.

Hendrika Stekhoven-Smith said...

She's fantastic!... Not sure if you have seen this little gem... http://booksbananas.blogspot.com/
Yet another baby blogger with amazing "avante guardian" style.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

I'm in love. x hivenn p.s enter my giveaway?

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